Beer Accessories

Sung to the tune of Bear Necessities from Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book. Feel free to sing along. “Beer accessories my favorite beer accessories.” I love all things beer so by association I am a huge fan of beer accessories. Here are three of my current favorites in no particular order.

Take your beer snobbery to the next level with these first I two items from Hide and Drink. This hand cut, hand sewn, 100% genuine leather pint sleeve looks amazingly cool on a pint glass with the added benefit of helping keep it cool. It will last forever and this full grain leather sleeve will only look better and better with age. I chose the bourbon brown for obvious reasons and now think it’s a must have for any legitimate beer snob.

Beer snobs will look down their nose at the age old beer kookzie once they see this Rustic Leather Beer Glove. Be honest, just the name rustic leather beer glove makes youE291C602-DD61-40E0-ACEB-BD8D213D4A5A feel the need go buy one. I bought mine in Bourbon Brown and just holding it in may hand and feeling the supple leather and drinking in the smell makes me want to put a beer in it. Walmart has some leather koozies that look pretty good. I can’t personally vouch for them because I haven’t actually bought one but the price seems decent and they look ok on the website.

Finally, who doesn’t like a growler of beer? Seriously, who doesn’t? You must be singled out and made fun of if you’re that person. I’ve had two of these growlers for a few years and can honestly say I’ve never once gotten them filled without someone asking about them. My marginal coolness jumps up a couple notches when people see how strong my snob growler game is. They work VERY well and keep your beer fresh twice and long as the standard screw top growlers used by peasant beer drinkers.

These are a few of my current favorites. The list changes as I discover new things. Do you have any fun beer accessories you can’t do without?  If so please let me know.


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