28CA48CE-BCE7-45AF-A1E5-1318AF877D35I’ve always been interested in writing and photography and videography and computers among other tech. I just never figured out how to combine them.  A blog was my first thought. I fooled around for years with things like blogspot and tumblr but never landed on anything that interested me enough to consistently stick with.

In researching to try to figure out why I could never find anything I really wanted to stick with the one constant theme was it should be something you’re passionate about.  I’m passionate about unusual things like craft beer, grilling and bourbon. Take a look around and read some of my blog entries. Hope you enjoy them.

I’m quirky and irreverent and random. You can find me on Twitter @robblee.  I tweet about quote photos, sarcastic remarks, sports and people falling down among other things. I’m developing a YouTube channel to accompany this blog where I post weekly beer reviews and tips and videos of brewery visits. I’m totally harmless.

Views are my own.


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