The One Drink Every Man Should Know How To Make

I Read an article recently from Esquire magazine titled The One Drink Every Man Should Know How To Make. To steal a line from the movie Jerry Maguire you had me at hello.

I immediately assumed it was a Manhattan. For me that’s the cocktail of choice. Here’s a recipe from the fine folks at Woodford Reserve. I prefer a perfect Manhattan with a higher proof alcohol. I order mine “up” meaning served in a chilled martini glass with no ice. It’s a thing of beauty.

A couple of bourbon cocktail tips; First, NEVER shake a Manhattan. It will make your lovely cocktail cloudy. Google provides a wealth of information on shaking versus stirring. This article from adventuresincocktails goes deeper if you’re interested as to why. Second and as mentioned before, consider selecting a higher proof bourbon. This just makes a really good Manhattan even better I like Knob Creek or a higher proof of Old Forrester. Trust me I’m a Kentuckian, bourbon drinker and Manhattan devotee.

I’m getting off track here. Back to the article in Esquire about the one drink every man should know how to make. It was NOT about the Manhattan but rather another classic bourbon cocktail, the Old Fashioned. Normally I’d argue in favor of the perfect Manhattan but maybe I am softening in my old age.

With Kentucky Derby Season right upon us it’s a recipe worth sharing. The more ways you can drink bourbon the better off you are.

No matter which cocktail you choose I’d use Old Forrester 86 lovingly referred to as “Old Fo.” It comes from the same barrel house as Woodford Reserve. In fact I’ve always sworn if you drink three stiff “Old Fo 86’s” you’ll think it’s Woodford Reserve and better still, you’ll still have a couple bucks in your pocket to bet on the horses.

It’s Derby season in Kentucky y’all.



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