Logo Pint Glasses

Pint nights, who doesn’t love them? You buy a beer and get to keep the glass. What’s better than that? I got a liter of some Octoberfest for six bucks and got to keep the mug. I almost had a second because it’s not good fiscal responsibility to pass up a liter of beer especially when you get to keep the glass. I’m practically making money on a deal like that.

The question I keep getting from my wife is WHERE DOES IT END? She says we don’t have space for any more logo’d pint glasses. I don’t think she understands the difference between a Bell’s Oberon from last year vs one from 2018. I didn’t argue with her when she said I didn’t NEED a Sierra Nevada pint glass. I did however point out that the reason I needed another was because mine didn’t say Forecastle on it. COME ON, that’s a pretty obvious one isn’t it? Obvious on my side I mean.

She says I concoct all these silly rules to keep my pint night habit going. She doesn’t get that you have to use an Apocalypse glass for Fallout Dust. It’s just common sense that you shouldn’t put beer from one local brewer into another’s glassware. A Monnik beer in a Akasha glass is just plain wrong. Hold on, I don’t think I have a Monnik pint glass. I like that Hauck’s Pilsner. I’m going to have to get to work on getting my hands on one.

In her defense there are some pint nights she understands, kind of. She didn’t argue when we got the Warstiner Liter boot. I don’t think she realized how big a liter is. Hobgoblin is probably one of the coolest glasses I’ve collected along the way although I will confess I rarely use it. I have Yazoo from Nashville. There’s a pretty cool Anchor Steam etched logo glass and several varieties of Bell’s glasses which I’m sure you understand. There’s Hopslam, Oberon and Two Hearted to name a few.

There’s hundreds of others as well but I’m not sure I have enough. Soooo, you may see me out at a pint night here and there. I just don’t think it’s a problem. I can quit any time I want.

Here’s my sixty second video on Pint Nights. Give it a look in you have a minute. https://youtu.be/Nw6KL5nrVow

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