Mavic Pro Mishap

First the important part, the drone is OK. My fingers however were not so lucky.

I was flying my DJI Mavic pro in an area with high tension power lines, lots of trees and beside a busy highway. In the interest of safety my plan was to fly with visual controls only to ensure safety. That way I would have the best chance to avoid any obstacles.

My first mistake was trying to stretch the battery too long. As a result, the drone enacted the return to home failsafe. This feature allows the drone to automatically return to the coordinates where it originally lifted off from.

In the heat of the moment I grabbed the bottom of the drone. My thought was I could stop it from flying away. I planned to manually shut off the propellers by turning the drone's battery off. Obviously the rub with this ingenious plan was the four whirling propellers.

I was trying to hold the controller in my left hand while shutting down the drone with my right. That's when the propellers sliced my pinky finger slinging drops of blood all over the controller. It also caused abrasions on my index finger which were bleeding as well.

If it's true that all's well that ends well then I can file this one under a lesson learned. #Don'tTryThisAtHome

Here's a short video clip where I talked about the mishap.

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